Over-soying your sushi is a clear sign that you don’t belong. Only lightly dip the neta (fish) in shoyu (soy sauce), never the shari (rice). Also, at revolving sushi shops the green powder on the table is NOT powdered wasabi. It is green tea for making yourself. There is a dispenser for hot water and the tea is free.

Having trouble using chopsticks? Feel free to eat the sushi with your hands! Sushi is actually one of the few Japanese foods that is common to eat with your hands, even at expensive restaurants.

Sushi restaurants are weird places in that they feature a lexicon all their own. Using these exclusive sushi terms will make you look like a pro. Agari : means to finish but is also the way to order green tea). Murasaki : means purple but is what we call soy sauce at sushi shops. Gari : the pickled ginger you eat between different types of sushi to cleanse the palate.
It is said to be the onomatopoeic for the sound it makes when chewed. And namida : literally means “tear” and refers to wasabi have a spoonful and you’ll understand where the naming came from.

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