Japanese Beer

Here’s some useful information about beer in Japan. Whether you like a beer after a long day or just want to sample as many beers as possible, this guide is sure to help!

Type of beer

Most beer in Japan is pale lager, but even so it’s possible to find some variety—especially if you look at craft beers. However, there are some things you should know about beer before you purchase!

Beer, pronounced bîru (ビール), must contain at least 67% malt by content. For a standard can of 350 ml beer, the cost ranges from 175 to 300 yen. For a craft beer, the price will be closer to 600 yen.

Happōshu beer (発泡酒) contain 66% malt or less. The third category of beer, dai-san no bîru (第三のビール) can also be labeled as happōsei (発泡性), liqueur (リキュール), or new genre (新ジャンル). The third category of beer, dai-san no bîru are either made without malt or by a mix of happōshu and strong alcohol.

Alcohol-free beers and beer-flavored beverages are also available for purchase. Not all of these products are subject to the same tax so prices typically range from 100 to 175 yen.


As long as you’re of age—20 years old—why not enjoy some taste testing during your next trip to Japan. You might just find a new favorite!

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