Boat Tour of Oboke Gorge

Near the entrance of Iya Valley, Oboke Gorge (Koboke Gorge is located three kilometers further downstream) is one of Japan’s premier outdoor destinations, and is popular as a spot for whitewater rafting, among other activities. However, a more relaxed way to take in the gorge’s beautiful natural surroundings is via a boat tour. Sightseeing boats depart every thirty minutes from a dock located near Oboke Station and go down the Yoshino River that cuts through the gorges. Passengers can enjoy fascinating rock formations, many of which resemble a variety of animals, along the gentle 30-minute boat ride.

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00

Admission: 1,050 yen for adults, 525 yen for children

Address: Oboke, Yamashiro Town, Miyoshi City

Airport: Tokushima Airport


Walk about 20 minutes from JR Oboke Station

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