Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

This temple is known for the Fudomyo (Acala) of Narita, and is one of three major Fudomyo sites in the Kanto region.

It is the headquarters of the Chizan sect of Shingon Buddhism, and around three million people visit it during the first three days of the New Year (more than any other temple in Japan). The principle object of worship there is an image of Fudomyo sculpted and consecrated by Kobo Daishi, and since the temple was founded goma ceremonies to pray for followers' wishes to be fulfilled have been carried out there each day.

Kobo Daishi sculpted the image of Fudomyo at the behest of Emperor Saga in the Heian period, praying three times for each line he chiseled. It is imbued with miraculous power, and used in ceremonies to pray for peace to reign over the land at all times, abundant harvests, and the prosperity of the people. During the reign of Emperor Suzaku in 939, the great priest Kancho brought it to its current location to suppress the uprising of Taira no Masakado, and founded the Naritasan temple.

Address: 1 Narita, Narita, Chiba Prefecture 286-0023

Airport: Narita International Airport



A 10 minute walk from Keisei Narita Station or JR Narita Station

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