Izushi Castle Town

Go Back in Time to Edo
For a statement to the prosperity of the Edo period and samurai society, look no further than Izushi Castle town. The castle was constructed in 1604, and though much of the castle lies in ruins, several parts have been rebuilt. Located in the ruins is the Inari Shrine at the foot of Arikoyama Mountain which provides a great panoramic view of the area. Another must see is Eriakukan, the last standing theater in the Kinki region. Built in 1901 during the Meiji period, it is the oldest theater building in Japan. Today performances of kabuki kyogen (a form of Japanese comedy) and rakugo (comic storytelling) are still held.

The best seasons to visit are spring for cherry blossoms and autumn for the beautiful color leaves. Sukyoji Temple and surrounding temples offer great views of the autumn leaves. Also in autumn, on November 3rd, is the Izushi Castle Festival that recreates the Daimyo Procession, a procession of military lords of the Edo period. In addition to the beautiful sights, the town is also known for its soba noodles, and has about 50 noodle shops. Izushi Sara Soba, the local specialty, is different than other soba in Japan, and is served in small portions with a variety of tastes achieved by using many different seasonings.

How to get there

By public transportation
From Toyooka Station, take the Zentan Bus to Izushi for 30 minutes.

Address: Izushi Town Uchimachi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Tajima Airport

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