Iya Valley vine bridge

For hundreds of years, the Iya River which runs through Iya Valley has been traversed by bridges made of mountain vines (kazurabashi). While 13 such bridges once spanned the valley, only three remain today. One of these is the Iya Valley vine bridge, the largest and most famous. The vine bridge stretches 45 meters across the center of the valley and hangs 14 meters in the air, giving visitors a thrilling view of the Iya River below. Not only is the Iya Valley vine bridge one of the area’s most popular attractions, it is also recognized as one of three kinds of rare bridges in Japan and designated as an Important Folkloric Property.

Hours: Sunrise to sundown

Admission: 550 yen for adults, 400 yen for children

Address: Zentoku, Nishi-iyayamamura, Miyoshi City

Airport: Tokushima Airport


Take the Shikoku Kotsu Bus from JR Oboke Station and get off at the bus stop for Kazurabashi. From there, walk for 5 minutes

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